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ESL Easy Reads are easy-read e-books for new learners of English (or for anyone who wants an easy read)

The English Chip

Original fiction, intermediate level, Australian/British English
The cover of The English Chip

Charlie’s in Australia, studying English, but English is so hard. He just wants to have fun, not to study all day! Then he sees a notice: INSTANT ENGLISH! VOLUNTEER NEEDED.

Instant English? It all sounds so easy.

Soon Charlie is part of an experiment—but experiments can go wrong…

Here are some chapter by chapter and Book Club questions:

The English Chip Chapter Questions

The English Chip Book Club Questions

Blood Kind

Original fiction, intermediate level, Australian/British English
Cover of Blood Kind

His name is Josh – or is that Ben? When you make fake passports and ID cards for a living, you need a few different names, right?

Ben doesn’t like people much, and he certainly doesn’t believe in kindness. Then he has an accident, gets a blood transfusion – and things begin to change.

Ben starts to feel kind, but that creates big problems in his life…

Here are some Book Club and chapter by chapter questions:

Blood Kind Chapter Questions

Blood Kind Book Club Questions

A Lady’s Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53

by Mrs Charles (Ellen) Clacy (non-fiction: abridged)
A Lady's Visit to the Gold-Diggings of Australia cover

Twenty-year old Ellen Clacy and her brother travelled from England to the Australian goldfields at the start of the ‘gold rush’ in 1852, when thousands of people from around the world were arriving at the gold ‘diggings’.

This is a short, Easy-Read adaptation of Ellen Clacy’s best-selling book about her Australian adventures.

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