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2016 Aug 23

How well do ESL Extras travel?

ESL Extras in NZ

How well do learning materials travel? One of the reasons I love using Australian materials is their relevance to learners’ lives. At beginner levels especially, it’s much easier to show where Melbourne is on a map than to have to explain references to London landmarks, or British history. Is that a problem in reverse, though? I write with adult and … Continue reading

2016 May 17

The ESL Small Publishers Independent Network: ESL-SPIN

ESL Small Publishers Independent Network

If you’re interested in books written by other Australian EAL/ESOL teachers, look out for the ESL-SPIN table at your next event, and come and say hello to some members of the ESL Small Publishers Independent Network. We’re all long-term teachers and writers,  creating the resources we’d like to use ourselves… then being challenged by the need to let people know about … Continue reading

Welcome to Hope Street

The new title in the ESL Extras series is out: Welcome to Hope Street. This introductory reader, at sentence level only, is designed for migrant learners still gaining literacy skills in English. So if you have learners who aren’t quite ready for Maybe Next Year or My Job is the Best, this might work for them. The challenge of the ‘prelim’ class … Continue reading

2015 Jul 26

“ESL books that sound like we do”: a new review

Not a Ballerina blog reviews ESL books

I have a lovely new review from Amanda Kendle, on her Not a Ballerina travel blog, called ‘Learning English in Australia: ESL books that sound like we do‘. Here she’s describing Six Stories from Hope Street: They are simple (and all told only in simple past tense) but manage to be interesting – very tricky to achieve! There are stories of late … Continue reading

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