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Workwise English Quizzes are a series of short slideshow quizzes, to be played on a large screen. They’re ideal for teamwork, fillers, or played ‘on loop’ in a library or foyer. Each question displays for 20 seconds (with a countdown timer) – just enough time for learners to read and discuss their answer, before the correct answer pops up.

You can find samples on YouTube at Level 2 (pre-intermediate) and Level 3 (intermediate), plus an introductory video, explaining how the quizzes work. They’re on thebooknextdoor channel.

You can download the Teacher Notes and Question Text and Answers for the sample quizzes by clicking the button below.

The full set (10 Level 2 and 10 Level 3 quizzes, on USB (you can see the cover of the case at the top of this post) is available from your local language bookshop. The ISBN is 978-1-922191-25-0. 

You can find a downloadable version of the quiz set in my Payhip shop.

Read more about the quizzes in this blog article…

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