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Looking for a fun, independent activity for your adult or young adult students? These word search books, Easy ESL Wordfind Challenge: Beginner and ESL Word Search Plus: Post-Beginner and Super ESL Word Search: Pre-Intermediate offer ‘real-life’ style puzzles with a language learner focus.

They’re designed to look like the kind of word search books you’d find in a mainstream store, but made more accessible for language learners. Here are links to the beginner level book: Easy ESL Wordfind Challenge book the post-beginner level book: ESL Word Search Plus: Post-Beginner book and the Pre-Intermediate book: Super ESL Word Search. These are from the Amazon US store, but you can look them up on the store you use.

You can also download samples here:

Another option: a printable (photocopiable) versions on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Teachers Pay Teachers cover pages
The printable version of these ELT word search books

The Teachers Pay Teachers printable versions allow you to download the pdf and then make unlimited photocopies for your classes, for as long as you want. Print a few puzzles or give them the whole book…(The puzzles are the same as in the paperback book, but the answers are different in the two formats, in case students have encountered both!)

You’ll find these (for the first two books) in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and again, there are free samples that you can download to see the quality and level (you do have to join or log in to TPT to be able to download). Maybe try them out with your learners?

These books have an ‘international English’ focus, rather than specifically ‘Aussie English’, and in the first book I point out a few spelling differences (like color and colour). I’ve written more about the books in my blog posts, where you can find out:

Hope you find these useful! Thanks for visiting!

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