new digital versions of esl extras from the book next door

Finally, the ESL Extras reading and puzzle book Teacher’s Guides are now available in downloadable pdf and mp3 licensed format.

A big shout-out to Bernard Miles (from English Express), whose work inspired me to get this done, and to the UK librarian who asked for digital versions, making me realise I might have a bigger market than Australasia. Thank you! I hope this will be useful…also hoping that this year any online teaching will be by choice, not necessity!

These are the same books as the Teacher’s Guides, and the same audio, just now available as a digital download, using PayHip as an online store, As with the books, this offers a one-teacher or one-campus licence to copy and share with students. The purchaser’s email address gets stamped in extremely tiny font at the top of each page, to prove you have the licence, so you might want to be thoughtful about which address you use…

Of course, the physical books are still available from your local language bookshop or library supplier, and there’s a little price rise for the Teacher’s Guide in 2022, to cover print and post increases.

The bookshops have been so good to me, so to balance this out, for 2022, any new purchase of a print Teacher’s Guide will now give you free access to a digital licence – just contact me with proof of purchase and I’ll send you a download code. (If you bought the Teacher’s Guide in the past, and now want the digital version, I can send you a discount code – send me a proof of purchase or photo of the book on your shelves.)

That’s it! Thanks so much for all your support and lovely feedback. I hope that 2022 will be a great year for all.