My Job is the Best

There’s a new book out in the ESL Extras ‘Hope Street’ series, but this time it’s not available through bookshops…it’s free to download from the ESL Extras books page of this site. Like Maybe Next Year, My Job is the Best is at Beginner A level – for learners who are moving beyond reading single sentences, but are overwhelmed with too much extended text.

What ‘beginner’ means to me

I work with adult migrant learners in Australia. As well as all the settlement issues they face, many are trying to cope with a new script, a new text direction (left to right) – or with the very concept of literacy. I know a tiny bit about what that’s like from my own experience of living in Thailand, where I (unsuccessfully) tried to become literate in Thai.

Experiencing success…for learners and tutors

Remembering that, I really want to create materials that will give learners the experience of success (as well as giving teachers and tutors something to TALK about before and after reading – a way to explore Aussie culture as well as language issues).

If you’ve used the other books in the series, this one is quite similar, with text, cut-ups for learners to reassemble and test themselves, simple exercises, discussion questions for teachers or tutors to ask, and a ‘board game’. I’ve tried to make it accessible to new volunteer tutors as well as experienced teachers. Let me know how it goes!