Announcing the arrival of ESL Word Search Plus: Post-Beginner: another printable English Language resource that can be used for independent language reinforcement, as an extra challenge, or as a fun family activity. (It’s aimed at adults and young adults, in terms of the ‘look’ and the vocab it covers, but I know many of my students have children who love to ‘help’.)

Creating puzzles

My first venture into ‘available-world-wide’ printables and print-on-demand books was Easy ESL Wordfind Challenge. I then got some great advice from Helga Burry (who writes the Let’s Connect: Australian Grammar Workbooks). She suggested making the puzzles a little more of a language challenge, rather than a simple ‘find the words’ format.

So in this new book, for post-beginners, there are puzzles with extra words, missing words, words to be categorised, or words to be matched or remembered before you can do the puzzle. As before, there are scaffolded puzzle levels: across and down, across and down intersecting, across and down with diagonals (south-east only). There’s also a range of puzzle fonts, but most puzzles are still in lower case (unlike commercial puzzles), to assist with word recognition.

The cover of the printable version, plus a ‘thumbnail’.

Although the two books are the same length, there are just fifty-one puzzles in this new one, as a number of puzzles now go across a full spread, with a ‘match’ or ‘circle’ task on one page and a puzzle on the other.

Where to find the books

Each Teachers Pay Teachers version has a free sample plus the full printable resource. The full resource is 106 pages (which includes answers) but the first four pages are teacher notes…

Enjoy, and please stay safe and well…


(BTW: if you are wondering about my ongoing use of the term ‘ESL’, it’s partly the international recognition, but mostly because I like Karen Barber’s definition: ‘English as a Settlement Language’.)