Many teachers joke with their learners about a ‘magic’, instant way to learn a language. If only we could offer them an English pill, or maybe an electronic English Chip …

The English Chip is the story of ‘Charlie’ (not his real name!). He’s in Australia, studying English, but English is so hard. He just wants to have fun, not to study all day! Then he sees a notice: INSTANT ENGLISH! VOLUNTEER NEEDED.

Instant English? It all sounds so easy. Soon Charlie is part of an experiment—but experiments can go wrong…

This ESL Easy Read is original fiction for Intermediate learners of English.

Available for Kindle from Amazon, for Apple from iBooks or iTunes, and as an epub from Smashwords.


Running an ESOL book club or wanting follow-up activities?

Download some follow-up quiz and discussion questions here: The English Chip – Book Club Questions

Answers to the quiz: 1c, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5a.