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2018 Apr 26

The Language Centre bookshop: now in North Perth!

Annie Folk at the Language Centre bookshop

There’s a sign ready to go up at Annie Folk’s new North Perth bookshop, “The Language Centre: Serving Perth since 1982.” That’s a lot of book-selling experience. I interviewed Annie back in 2013, but in 2014 she had to close down her Leederville bookshop (and go online only) with a month’s notice, when the premises were sold. She also had to … Continue reading

Carmelina Lanza-Volpe

Hooray for language bookshops! Last term I went to the QATESOL-QCAL ‘mini conference’, where I met Carmelina Lanza-Volpe for the first time (we’d spoken on the phone, but I’d never got to her Brisbane shop). She gave a great presentation on grammar, but also ran a scaled-down version of her bookshop, The Language People, in the foyer of the conference … Continue reading

2014 Jun 09

The Language Centre is going online

Again, you’ll know this if you’re on their mailing list, but the Language Centre premises in Leederville have been sold. This means that from 23 June, The Language Centre will no longer have a physical presence, but will be entirely online (or by phone/email) – still with the same level of experienced support from Annie Folk, however. It’s a tough time … Continue reading

2014 Jun 09

FLB Bookery on the move

If you’re on their mailing list, you’ll know this, but the city showroom of FLB Bookery moved to the original Bookery premises at 9-11 Victoria Street, Fitzroy, at the end of last year. All the best to them there! (It was fun to finally meet Jacob Miceli at the NEAS conference, too.)

Annie Folk has run the Language Centre Bookshop in Perth since 1982. I had the chance to chat to her what got her started and what keeps her going. So Annie, how did you get into the bookselling business? In 1982, there were no language bookshops in Perth. We had to order books from Sydney. So it seemed like a … Continue reading

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