Can You Keep a Secret? is an elementary reader, the sequel to Life is Full of Surprises, set eighteen months later. It continues the story of George and his family:

At 9 o’clock, I walked slowly into my boss’s office.

She frowned a little. “George, I have some news, but it’s confidential. Do you understand?”

“I understand confidential,” I said. “Private. Don’t tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Good,” she said.

George doesn’t like secrets. His boss tells him some exciting news, but he can’t tell anyone. His wife and children want to give him a surprise birthday party, but George doesn’t want a party.

Suddenly, he has a lot of secrets to keep…

This light-hearted (but thoughtful) story is available with audio CD, in both a story-only library version or as a photocopiable Teacher's Guide and Workbook, which contains the full story plus exercises, activities and teaching notes.

NEWS: DIGITAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE: You can now purchase a licence for a pdf and mp3 version of the Teacher's Guide from The Book Next Door PayHip store  OR you can still buy the original paperback version (and the small library books) from your local language bookshop or library supplier.

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There are sample pages for download here, as well as on the PayHip store.