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Welcome to Hope Street is a 'pre-beginner' (literacy) reader in the Hope Street series, leading on to beginner titles like Maybe Next Year, Six Stories from Hope Street, and The Garage Sale. Each 'story' in Welcome to Hope Street introduces a different neighbour, with sentences matched to illustrations.

The audio for this book has three versions: 'listen', 'read with the teacher' (extra slow version), and 'now you read'.

The Teacher's Guide and Workbook is a little different from the other books in the series, as the story pages are designed to be photocopied back to back and folded into booklet form (not visible in the sample pages, however).

At Pre-beginner level, Welcome to Hope Street should suit learners who are gaining confidence with reading short sentences on familiar topics.

You can find sample pages here.

NEWS: DIGITAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE: You can now purchase a licence for a pdf and mp3 version of the Teacher's Guide from The Book Next Door PayHip store  OR you can still buy the original paperback version (and the small library books) from your local language bookshop or library supplier.

If you bought the Teacher Guide some time ago, and now want the pdf, please contact me for a pdf discount!

There are sample pages for download here, as well as on the PayHip store.