At last! The latest books in the ESL Extras series of photocopiable Australian ESL resources are now available: Maybe Next Year, Six Stories from Hope Street and The Garage Sale.

They follow the same format as the earlier books (full story text, teacher notes, exercises and answers in the photocopiable Teacher’s Guide), but these books are aimed at beginner level learners, and follow a progression from early to late beginner.

So Maybe Next Year is a set of vignette-style stories in present tense only (Beginner A). Six Stories from Hope Street (set in the same street) is simple past tense (Beginner B), while The Garage Sale (Beginner C) is a mini-novel in six chapters, aimed at high beginner or post-beginner learners (or even as a quick and easy overnight read for intermediate learners).

As always, there’s a library version of the books with no exercises, and an audio CD in both versions – sorry, the audio samples aren’t up on the website yet, but you can download the first chapter of each book here.

For those tutors and teachers whose learners can really only cope with single sentence reading, I’m working on a ‘prelim’ level reader, called Welcome to Hope Street, which should be available soon. (I’m also thinking about some phonics readers, but let’s see how that goes…)