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2019 Jan 21

Free e-books: Summer special

Cover of The English Chip

Three ebooks in the ESL Easy-Read series are free to download until February 28… Continue reading

2014 Jun 09

Another new ESL Easy Read ebook: The English Chip

Many teachers joke with their learners about a ‘magic’, instant way to learn a language. If only we could offer them an English pill, or maybe an electronic English Chip … The English Chip is the story of ‘Charlie’ (not his real name!). He’s in Australia, studying English, but English is so hard. He just wants to have fun, not to … Continue reading

2014 Jun 09

New ESL Easy Read ebook: Australian History

A Lady’s Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53 is an engaging and fascinating book, and was a best-seller in its day. Ellen Clacy was only 21 when she and her brother travelled from England to the goldfields of Victoria, to seek their fortunes – and this is the story of their travels, complete with tales of being … Continue reading

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