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Can video offer a quick introduction when you can’t get to an ESL bookstore? I often get questions from teachers and volunteer tutors about the ESL Extras readers: I’m nowhere near a bookshop – what do the books look like? How do you use them? What are the levels, exactly? What’s this ‘Beginner B’? How does your prelim ‘literacy’ reader work? … Continue reading

2016 Nov 04

‘Welcome to Hope Street’ in the CPSWE / CSWE I class

CPSWE level book Welcome to Hope Street

Life isn’t neat. It’s all very well to know that Welcome to Hope Street is for prelim (CPSWE) learners, but what about when you have a mixed level class, with much more capable CSWE I beginners, who need to work on different learning outcomes. Can you use the book, but give them extension work? This was the question asked by … Continue reading

Welcome to Hope Street

The new title in the ESL Extras series is out: Welcome to Hope Street. This introductory reader, at sentence level only, is designed for migrant learners still gaining literacy skills in English. So if you have learners who aren’t quite ready for Maybe Next Year or My Job is the Best, this might work for them. The challenge of the ‘prelim’ class … Continue reading

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