AMEP teachers are a term into the new contract, with its key ‘pre-employment’ stream, so I thought this might be a good moment for a reminder of a few earlier posts on resources.

I know that our SEE colleagues can access a host of VET/LLN resources (I’m thinking of listings like ACER), but for AMEP I know I am looking for more ‘general’ rather than ‘industry specific’ resources – materials that have a workplace flavour, or introduce the Australian workplace. I’m sure more will appear as time goes on…and I know a lot of teachers are making their own.

So, a reminder of a few past posts, about my own and other people’s resources:

Wanting to use ESL Extras for Pre-Employment?

Looking for other resources?

Need a reminder of some great (general) resource lists?

So, not about Pre-employment, but covering general Australian ELT and EAL/D resources:

There’s also a list at ESL Teacher’s Notebook

Not sure where to ask for help?

  • On the ACTA Adult Interest Facebook group there have been recent posts on topics like the Fair Work Ombudsman website, research on pre-employment language training, ACSF reporting, and an ABS study on how migrants get their first job. If you’re a group member, you’re welcome to post, asking a question, or sharing knowledge of a new resource. (As long as it’s not your own! Self-promotion is off-limits.)
  • Your local TESOL organisation is also likely to be on Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you’re working in the ELICOS area, then of course you’ll be heading for #AusELT.

Aware of other resource listings?

I’d love to hear about them so that I can add to my own lists! Please let me know of listings (especially post-beginner), or of any resources I’ve missed. Thanks, and happy teaching!