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2017 Apr 09

A new review of ESL Extras

I just got permission to share two book reviews from QATESOL, for Maybe Next Year and Six Stories from Hope Street. Thanks so much to the reviewers, Mary Tibben and Su Murgatroyd, for the time they spent on this – and to QATESOL. Reviews are so important: they alert teachers and librarians to new materials, or remind them of who … Continue reading

2016 Aug 23

How well do ESL Extras travel?

ESL Extras in NZ

How well do learning materials travel? One of the reasons I love using Australian materials is their relevance to learners’ lives. At beginner levels especially, it’s much easier to show where Melbourne is on a map than to have to explain references to London landmarks, or British history. Is that a problem in reverse, though? I write with adult and … Continue reading

2015 Jul 26

“ESL books that sound like we do”: a new review

Not a Ballerina blog reviews ESL books

I have a lovely new review from Amanda Kendle, on her Not a Ballerina travel blog, called ‘Learning English in Australia: ESL books that sound like we do‘. Here she’s describing Six Stories from Hope Street: They are simple (and all told only in simple past tense) but manage to be interesting – very tricky to achieve! There are stories of late … Continue reading

It’s always exciting to get good reviews, and in the December WATESOL newsletter, reviewer Samantha describes The Coat and Can You Keep a Secret? as “Two Great Reads”:     [box] …two interesting and exciting short stories with a twist at the end for adult learners of English as a second language. The stories, both set in Australia, carry along at … Continue reading

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